Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Town Hall October 24

We had a great meeting last night with close to thirty folks attending. The architect for the site study, Lori Stephens, presented the two possible sites for a new library. One is across from the High School (the North Site) next to the fertilizer plant. The other is near the grade/middle schools and health clinic (the South site). The North Site is less expensive to develop and the reasons were presented. The full report from the architect is available at

The next step is to talk to the Monroe City Council. Another community meeting is scheduled for November 14 at 7 pm- in the library or close by. This meeting is for folks who would like to get involved in going the next step which will probably be to begin fundraising. At that meeting we will hear from folks from other communities who have successfully built a new library with minimal, if any, support from a local governmental entity. Join us if you can or let Lori Pelkey at the Monroe Library (847-5174) know if you can't make this meeting but want to be involved in the future.