Thursday, October 09, 2008

Final Agenda for October's South Benton Library Project Meeting

Please come to our October South Benton Library Project Meeting. We will meet this Monday, Oct. 13th at 7:00 pm at the Monroe Fire Hall meeting room. I have invited the three Monroe City Council candidates to come and see the progress we've made toward our new library building in an effort to encourage their participation on the project. I hope to see you there too as your efforts are greatly needed and appreciated.

Lori Pelkey
Monroe Community Library

Agenda for Oct. 13th SBLP meeting

Approval of last month's meeting minutes

Treasurer Report

Old Items
1. Status, Review and Finalization of Brochure using BCCC grant
2. Railroad news/ Money granted for land
3. Tri County news article
4. Ford Family Foundation/Rural Development Initiative interest

New Items
1. Restructuring committee: composition/structure, who should vote, how votes are weighed, conduct of meetings, positions open, etc.
a) How decisions are to be made in and out of our monthly meetings.
b) Email: It's use and limitations - establish guidelines in this type of communication.

2. What should/can we be doing (if anything) while we wait for final word on land?
a) If we wait to pursue certain things at what point do we proceed?
1) Possession of title?
2) In escrow?
3) Firm option to buy?

3. Status and input on Won Productions, Inc. marketing/publicity proposal.

4. Understanding Teresa Landers (Deputy Library Director for Corvallis-Benton County Public Library) and Monroe Community Library's staff role with our committee.

5. Upcoming Grants to apply for
b. any others?