Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 1- Leadership in Action

Regional Field Staff Associate, Beth Gilden, and Benton County’s Jane Barth lead the Leadership in Action training and had each of us participants introduce ourselves, tell what kind of boat we thought our community was as a likeness and then tell what we hoped to get out of our weekend training. It was interesting to hear everyone’s idea of what kind of boat South Benton community is. We were likened to a rowboat without oars, a rowboat with different people paddling in different directions, a skull with many seats still left to fill, or a tugboat trying to get a bigger boat moving in the right direction. I thought we could be likened to a little boat with an outboard motor; the motor needs to get started and lots of people are trying hard to get that engine started but we need help.

Beth then told us about Leadership in Action’s training and that the Ford Family Foundation pays it for. She told how FFF ‘adopts’ communities in rural Oregon and for five years they help these communities with training of leaders, projects that help the community and financial aide for those projects. At the end of the five years, FFF hopes that the communities they have ‘adopted’ will go on and build on the relationships they’ve forged together and will move forward with projects on their own. My take on it is that Ford Family Foundation doesn’t want to just give money to a community and hope that the funds are spent well. Instead they entrust a community with the training they can then use to help and further themselves along and show them how to work together for common goals with the money they will give. I love this idea! It’s a kind of take on the “you can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime” proverb. About halfway through the day’s training, Tom Gallagher of Ford Family Foundation came and surprised us and brought the wonderful news that our South Benton County community has indeed been selected to be the next community that the Ford Family Foundation starts their five-year program with. I cannot stress the honor that this is to our community. Our program with start in Spring 2010.

Throughout the afternoon there were great times of collaboration with each other and lots of visiting and hearing each others ideas. I thought it was a wonderful chance to look at our community through another person’s eyes. At first, it was easy for everyone to think that not much has been working or happening for good in our community. (the glass is half empty!) But by the end of the afternoon, through talking and collaborating together we were wowed by what our community already has done and the abundance of great things happening here. (the glass is half full!) I can only guess what monumental things can and will be accomplished here in South Benton County with leadership and the right training!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action training is coming to South Benton County today. What's this you may ask? Well, I don't know... exactly! but I aim to find out in these next two days. The website for LIA is here... Leadership in Action The site says that LIA is "a two day Leadership training for your community hosted by Rural Development Initiatives, and The Ford Family Foundation". Several of our group from South Benton Library Project are attending, so between us all we should get a good idea of just what Leadership in Action is. Our South Benton community has had several informal meetings with Rural Development Initiative/Ford Family Foundation and from what I've gleaned it seems that this training and what comes from it will be a good thing for our area. So, starting today, "emerging" leaders will be trained on how to actually be a leader in our community. I'll post some updates on what we learn at this two-day training. I'm really excited because there are around 25-30 people attending from our South Benton area. Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check It Out!

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library Friends and Foundation puts out a publication each month called "Check it Out". The South Benton Library Project has a prominent place on the front page of this month's issue. Here it is: Check it out!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

SBLP Meeting Agenda- March 9, 2009














SBLP Meeting Minutes - Feb. 9th, 2009

SBLP Meeting Minutes February 9, 2009

In attendance:
Lori Pelkey-Monroe Community Library Specialist-Acting Secretary
Teresa Landers-Corvallis Benton County Public Library Deputy Director
Alyce Bayne
Serena Logan
Evelyn Lee
Dena Elliott-Chairperson
Roger Irvin - President SBCE
Amy Erickson-reporter for the Tri-County Newspaper
Carol McGlasson - Monroe City Council Chairperson
DeeDee Smith
Catie Mange - City Council Liaison
Craig Pelkey - Treasurer
Howard Steele
Sharon Kavanagh- Publicity committee
Michele Gazica - Fundraising
Janeece Cook - Representing Strengthing Rural Families
Sandi Crumley
Serena Logan

Introductions / Around the room

Teresa read last month's meeting minutes- and then they were approved

Treasurer's Report: No much activity reported this month, a few donations/expenditures. The Nick Salerno Fund that is in a CD has matured again, a motion was made, seconded and approved for Craig to look into a longer term CD for this fund.

Old Business:
Brochure: As Teresa translated the brochure into Spanish, a few errors were found. We talked about what to do. Everyone was agreeable to leave the error as is. Teresa showed her Spanish version of the brochure. Lori Pelkey will be looking into a different company to reproduce it.

Land: Roger reported all is going well. Partition survey has been filed. Preliminary title report has been done. Sale should be final by the end of March. We talked about a need for an executive session with the City Council about re-zoning the property. This needs to be done before groundbreaking.

City Council Liaison: Catie updated us on her latest visit to the council. They have been very happy to have a liaison. Carol McGlasson reported that Catie is doing a great job updating the council on the Library's progress. The question was raised about getting a permit to build on the land before the property is re-zoned. Carol McGlasson reported that the city can only take the property once the library is built.

Kickoff: Sharon gave out copies of the Kickoff plan. The Monroe High School commons is booked for the event. On her Kickoff plan, the colored items are things that are needed. Janeece talked about an idea she had for for a young children's storytime at the event. Teresa is getting a model train for display. We talked about advertising, various ideas were put forth. Evelyn reminded us of the button maker that we helped purchase and said that the button maker is at the Museum. Dena will pick it up. We talked about putting "Are You On Board?" on buttons with an added ribbon saying "I am" after someone has donated. Contact Sharon about making food for the kickoff.

Depot concerns: Teresa reported that there are still concerns in our community about the safety of using the depot. We need to make a fact sheet about the depot to pass out at the Kickoff. The results of the chemical testing needs to be available for community members to see. The environmental study will have been done by then so results of that should be out too.

New Business:
Grant Writing: Michele Gazica is interested in giving it a try. But she needs to take classes to learn more. There is a class coming up, the question was asked if SBLP should pay for the class. John Norenna should also be sent. It was agreed that SBLP will pay for classes for grantwriting. There is also an upcoming class on April 3 called "Mobilizing your board to raise more money". Two people should be sent to this. During the meetings' conversations about grant writing and fundraising, Michele seemed to lean more toward Fundraising. It was decided to approach John Norenna to see if he will take over Grant Writing and this would free Michele up to focus on Fundraising. Dena will contact John.
Ford Family Foundation: Lori, Catie and Evelyn told about the meeting they went to with Rural Development Initiative. At the meeting about 100 names were gathered to invite to the March 13 and 14 Leadership in Action seminar that will be held at the Monroe Legion Hall. All were encouraged to attend as many things will be taught at LIA that will help our efforts toward a new library.

Evelyn reported that the teens from Teen Council would like a full kitchen in the new library. She also asked about the "greeness' of the new building and if potential growth of the City of Monroe had been considered in the design. She also offered the use of the Alpine Community Center for Howard Steele to use at a fundraising concert.