Thursday, June 28, 2007

SBLP Meeting Minutes June 11, 2007

Craig Pelkey gave the financial report: Little has changed since last meeting. We have not received the $20,00.00 donation that was discussed in last meeting. We remain hopeful.

Lori Pelkey brought the historic preservation award that we received for our efforts to preserve the train depot as part of our project. Dena Elliott and Randy George and Lori were our representatives at the event.

Randy George has received a bid for our logo to be put on a banner. Larry Buckles will be doing the work. Cost will be approximately $1,000. We’re hoping Friends of the Library will help with this cost. The banner will be put on the Train Depot building facing the highway in hopes of generating interest and enthusiasm from the community.

Our logo was also present at the Monroe Fun Run.

Jenny Gray has worked with our digital files so that they may be used for cards, letterhead, etc.

FUNDING: We reviewed information that was gathered on the various organizations and foundations that we would like to pursue. A comprehensive funding plan needs to be designed. We will probably form a sub-committee for funding. Our strategy remains to get the initial architectural designs funded and completed

We also need to bring more community people into the project.

We could use a historian.

Next meeting: July 9, 2007 7:00pm

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Janet Begg

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