Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Will You Be Taking Your Kids to the Library this Summer?

So, everyone, are you taking your kids to the library this summer? The Summer Reading Program in most states this year is "Catch the Reading Bug". You can take your kids to visit and join the programs, check out books for summer reading and in most libraries attend fun performances too! In our library, here in Monroe, we will even be having a performance with BUGS! What I love to tell both moms and kids is that during summer kids can read whatever THEY want! Yep, no teacher telling them to read this or that. They can chose. What fun!'s a hint...look at the running sidebar on my blog. I have some of my favorite read-aloud books there. These are storytime tested fun books! You could sneak some home and catch the reading bug with your kids! Oh and here's another hint... I did this and still do it for my kids...and it works at the library too! I put "bait" around the house! Yep, I unashamedly bring home NON-Fiction books that look interesting and just lay them on the couch or by the fireplace. Bam! I catch them every time browsing through the bait! Go to the kids section in your library and find some books about any fun or strange subject. Believe me any thing will catch their attention if it's just sitting there on the couch! Make sure you put fresh "bait" out often so they don't get bored... And what's really cool is that, little do they know it, but they are reading without you telling them to! Try it!

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