Friday, March 13, 2009

Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action training is coming to South Benton County today. What's this you may ask? Well, I don't know... exactly! but I aim to find out in these next two days. The website for LIA is here... Leadership in Action The site says that LIA is "a two day Leadership training for your community hosted by Rural Development Initiatives, and The Ford Family Foundation". Several of our group from South Benton Library Project are attending, so between us all we should get a good idea of just what Leadership in Action is. Our South Benton community has had several informal meetings with Rural Development Initiative/Ford Family Foundation and from what I've gleaned it seems that this training and what comes from it will be a good thing for our area. So, starting today, "emerging" leaders will be trained on how to actually be a leader in our community. I'll post some updates on what we learn at this two-day training. I'm really excited because there are around 25-30 people attending from our South Benton area. Stay tuned for updates!

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