Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Best Moments of My Week @ the library-- November 3rd

-two boys running into the library saying "Yeah! No one's on the kid's computer, we can have our turns!" (poor kids, they didn't realize there was only 3 minutes left before the library closed)

-teaching a patron how to print out a 52 page document double-sided and seeing the joy on his face to learn something new

-birthday flowers from Gloria!

-telling a patron "Yes, the new rotation of Large Print books will be here on Saturday!"

-having a volunteer tell me that there was compost under the chairs in the teen area! (how was I supposed to know that someone left a banana peel there during the summer?)

-coming in every day and seeing the large spider still up in that unreachable corner. Hey, if it's still up there it won't come running out at me when I move a box of books!

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