Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chalk up another reason for a new library in Monroe

Today we had 18 little pre-schoolers come to storytime! Last week it was 17. When I first started doing Pre-School Storytime 2 years ago here at the Monroe Community Library, I only had about 3 kids come each week. Sometimes, if it was flu season, no one would come. But it was a beginning! I have certainly learned a lot since those first few storytimes. Things like...letting go and being silly and singing for all the library to hear. That was a hard one! Now storytime has become my favorite 30 minutes of the week. I know there are better storytellers out there...but my love for what I am doing shines through. I am very passionate about reading to babies and little ones. Have you ever sat down and read a book to a baby? They LOVE it! They want to touch and feel the pages. They look into your eyes and hang on every syllable you speak. They smile and giggle and drool. It's wonderful. What a gift you give to them...your human voice; your undivided attention! Believe me, I get back just as much as I give in storytimes. And how does this relate to a new Monroe library? Well...just think about all those stories I've read to these little ones. They are going to grow up feeling wonderful about books! And where are they going to go for those books? Monroe's new library of course!

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