Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Volunteers!

Getting back to how busy it's been at the library this past month I can say there is some hope on the horizon! I have three new volunteers and one that will be available this fall when her daughter starts first grade. What I've been faced with lately has been an increase in people visiting the library, extra work with SBLP and no extra hours to keep up. So I started being vocal about it to my patrons. This was hard for me! Asking for help makes me feel a little guilty. People might start thinking, "what does she do around here all day anyway?" With the encouragement of my dear long term volunteer buddies, I timidly started asking for help. What I am looking for is help in keeping the shelves in order! I know other libraries have Adopt-a-Shelf programs. Starting an informal group like this is what I'm aiming for. So far I have four volunteers with their own section of shelves. I need 5 more. This is pretty low key volunteerism here...it's only requirement is to come in once or twice a month and "read" your shelf. Which means you make sure everything is in ABC or 123 order. Not hard at all once you get started! Come on in to the library and let me know if this sounds like your cup of tea!

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