Thursday, May 31, 2007

South Benton Library Project Meeting Minutes: May l4, 2007

Randy George and Dena Elliott co-chaired the meeting, with nine others in attendance.

Craig Pelkey , the treasurer, has set-up Quick Books and submitted financial reports.

Randy George will be added to the checking account.

The post office box has been opened: South Benton Library Project

P. O. Box 591

Monroe, OR 97456

Janet Begg and Lori Pelkey have keys.

Issues discussed:

We are being considered for a $20,000.00 dollar donation. The donor wishes to remain anonymous.

When this donation is received it will be used to fund the initial design work. This work will be done by Lori Stephens, Architect. This first phase of the design will cost $l8,000.00. The remaing $2,000 will be used for startup expenses. Randy George will finalize and sign the proposal.

A design committee will work with the architect to develop the project designs. They are: Teresa Landers, Randy George, Dena Elliott, Lori Pelkey, and John Norrena. We hope this process begins near June l, 2007 and is completed by August 1, 2007.

We now have a LOGO. Several committee members worked with a Lane Community College graphics class to come up with the design. It is being worked into digital files for future applications.

Randy George will be contacting various printers for bids on Banners.

John Norrena will be asking Jenny Gray to help format other printing matters, i.e. cards, letterhead, etc.

FUNDING: Teresa Landers has prepared a preliminary funding plan. She gave a brief overview of the organizations that we will be contacting. This initial contact process will begin our funding goals and strategies.

Files for each organization were distributed between committee members. Each person will contact their organization and extract the information needed to see if they are a viable resource. All files will be returned to Lori Pelkey ASAP at the Monroe library.

Next meeting is June 11, 2007.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet B.

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